Our History

   The Self-Insurers Group of Ohio had originally incorporated in the Cleveland Region and by 1969, had been a viable  organization for over twenty years when other self-insured employers throughout Ohio expressed an interest in joining. Numerous inquiries prompted the group to consider expansion and so the Officers contacted many employers within the state and invited them to join. Local groups were formed in the Southwestern and the Central Ohio sections of the state.

    The group wished to stimulate new membership in the Northwestern Sector of Ohio and appointed Howard Depew, of the Membership Committee, to contact several employers in the Toledo area. He contacted Timothy Stapleton of Libbey-Owens-Ford Co., Roger Clark, Owens-Illinois Corp. and Eugene Zegar of Jeep Corporation. A meeting was held in the Spring of 1974 in Toledo, Ohio with Howard Depew of National Cash Register of Dayton, Ohio in attendance. The first order of business was the setting up of a steering committee to contact all the Self-insured Employers in the Northwestern Ohio area. The thrust of this steering committee was to acquaint new and prospective members with the purpose and goals of having a local self-insurers organization in the Northwestern Ohio area.

    In order to generate interest in such a group, letters were sent out to all the Self-Insurers in the area plus the local Workers' Compensation Service Company Representatives. A dinner meeting was held at the Quality Inn, Rossford , Ohio outlining these goals. The interest invoked by the attendees at that dinner meeting spawned the formation of the Northwestern Ohio Self-Insurers Employers Association and formed the nucleus of our present day association.

    During the initial planning phases of the Association it was decided to hold dinner meetings on the third Thursday of each month from September through May of each year. The goals of the group were to have general discussions of mutual problems the self-insured community was having with the Bureau of Workers' Compensation and/or the Industrial Commission. We would also be kept abreast of any changes that were happening on the Workers' Compensation scene.

    Statewide affiliation of the Northwestern Ohio Self-Insurers Association was conceived at the Annual Meeting of the Self-Insurers Group at Salt Fork State Park in June 1974. Several members of the Steering Committee attended that conference and set forth the idea of the State Affiliation and that affiliation continues today with the Ohio Self-Insurers Association.